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Immigration Services

Parker Randall specialises in assisting with all business visa and work permit issues, other than asylum. We can act as either on a consultancy or agency basis, depending on your requirements. Our experienced business visa and work permit team are here to assist you to obtain business visa and work permits and deal with any related immigration clearance issues. Parker Randall provides professional, impartial advice from initial assessments through to submitting full applications.

We aim to provide you with sound, easily understood, expert advice on all aspects relating to business visa and work permit & immigration issues, at genuinely competitive prices. There by saving you or your company invaluable resources. Upon receipt of your enquiry we will provide you immediately with an initial assessment and advise you of the likely success-rate of the case. We guarantee you quick, efficient and personal service with absolute commitment at all times

Our billing structure is fixed in advance, success driven and transparent, providing our clients with a results focused and cost effective solution.